NeoFarm is hiring roboticists in Paris area

Hi ROS Community :turtle: !

NeoFarm is looking for multiple robotics engineers to build the next generation of environmentally-friendly micro-farms :farmer: :robot_face: :carrot: .

NeoFarm designs, builds and operates agro-ecological micro-farms in France. We do agronomic research, embedded systems, farming tool designs, farm management software and - obviously - robot design to create farming jobs close to cities, affordable healthy organic products for local communities and regenerative farming to restore biodiversity and repair the soil.

Perks of working at NeoFarm:

  • a dynamic and joyful team of amazing engineers and farmers willing to proactively offer a solution to the agricultural and environmental crisis

  • a green work-environment located near Versailles

  • fresh free organic veggies every week

  • a stimulating multi-robot system with a dozen end-effectors to control, synchronize and optimize

After 4 years of research we are now deploying farms in Paris area, to do so we’re looking for:

  • Application Engineer: to develop and maintain the processes and tools to deploy, calibrate and tune the systems to the need of the farmers

  • Robotics Engineer: to join a 3 people team and continuously develop and improve our robotic stack

  • Robotics QA Engineer: to establish best practices and guide the team towards continuous improvement of the solution

We of course use ROS and contribute to the ecosystem any improvement that is not specific to our solution!

All offers and details available here.

Disclaimer: offers are in French and candidates are expected to be french speaking as they will interact with French farmers on a regular basis.

Looking forward to receiving your applications!