Neural networks with MicroROS


I’m somewhat of a lurker here, but I’d like to share a project that I hope will interest the community. I am building a repository of examples for deploying neural nets on MCUs running MicroROS. Currently I have an image classification model running smoothly at 5Hz on the Arduino Portenta H7 and I plan to add non-vision examples, as well as support for additional boards (such as the Raspberry Pi Pico).

I am going to be introducing this project live on Day 3 of the Edge Impulse Imagine event, and also giving an in depth talk on the subject at ROSCon 2022 in Kyoto.

I’m excited by this idea of creating plug-and-play AI peripherals for ROS2 robots and look forward to exploring this space further. Thanks to @pablogs, @AntonioCuadros, and other MicroROS maintainers and contributers for the examples that made creating this example much easier :smiley:.


avielbr/micro_ros_ei - GitHub

Tutorial vid:


Hi @abrown, thank you for sharing this work and video. Looking forward very much to your talk in Kyoto! In addition, you may consider to link the video in the demo section of (see at master · micro-ROS/ · GitHub) by adding a brief page via a PR.

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@ralph-lange thanks for the reply! I certainly will. See you in a few weeks :smiley: