micro-ROS Firmware on Roboost Robot

Hi All!
I wanted to share an update on my Roboost project here as well! What I’m trying to do is make a simple framework based on ESP32 and micro-ROS. The benefit would be that no board computer is needed and the system can be adapted for different types of robots.

Here is the link to a project post/summary about the latest addition, I’d be really happy if you could check it out and share your thoughts and suggestions!


You can also directly check out the GitHub Repo, note that is still a work in progress though :wink:

And here is a little video on how the project is used (for amusement) to clean my apartment:



Nice, It seems like the ESP32 / Microros with no computer is a popular choice at the moment. There’s Roboost, Edurob, Lineturtle & Linorobot2 all running in this configuration now

Nice, thank you, I did not know these projects existed :slight_smile:

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