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ROS Agriculture Slack Channel and

Hi everybody, I noticed that the ROS Agriculture Slack channel is not active anymore. Moreover, the website, which I used to register for the channel, does not contain much information at the moment. Are the Slack channel and the website discontinued?

Ps. I really liked to follow the ongoing agro experiments in the Slack channel.


I agree. It also provided the notification for the meetings and a bit of chat history I found to be very useful.

Jeff and Doug saved the old videos and built an index of them.

We were also surprised to see it vanish. Together with other bits of ROS-Agriculture infrastructure.

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find out what happened.

YOU guys were surprised? WE were REALLY surprised.

No one is quite sure what happened, it just slowly disappeared and we don’t (publicly) discuss why.

The old YouTube videos are still there, just marked as unlisted. I was creating an index to those:
Index to original ROS-Agriculture videos.
The videos are still there, for the moment… (I have also downloaded all of the old meeting videos.) You can read the readme.txt file for an explanation. I have an updated index. I will try to add that today.

A small group moved on.

We have video meetings Friday mornings. (Noon - Eastern time, 9AM - Pacific time) The Zoom link is on the new Slack channel. If you want an invite to the new Slack channel you can send me a request for invite at (from the email you want to register as).

Sometimes we use an alternate Zoom meeting link, but it gets posted to Slack at the start time.

I have started a new YouTube channel for the new meeting videos (and whatever else we decide to post).
Lawn Tractor Automation

There are archives of the old Slack. (they can be sketchy in places) They may be on a Google drive, or a wiki, or a github, or somewhere else. I don’t know if access needs granted or not. I will let someone else address that.

Jeff Sampson

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Thank you very much for collecting all the data. I will join the channel.