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New Packages for Kinetic Kame 2019-09-27

We’re happy to announce 34 new packages and 60 updated packages for Kinetic Kame.

Thank you to all the maintainers and contributors who have helped make these new packages available to the community!

Full details are below.

Package Updates for kinetic

Added Packages [34]:

Updated Packages [60]:

Removed Packages [0]:

Thanks to all ROS maintainers who make packages available to the ROS community. The above list of packages was made possible by the work of the following maintainers:

  • Alexander Gutenkunst
  • Andrzej Wasowski
  • Carlos Aguero
  • Chris Lalancette
  • Davide Faconti
  • Felix Ruess
  • G.A. vd. Hoorn (TU Delft Robotics Institute)
  • Levi Armstrong (Southwest Research Institute)
  • Masaya Kataoka
  • Matthew Tesch
  • Matthias Gruhler
  • Mike Purvis
  • Nick Rotella
  • Philipp Schillinger
  • Rhys Mainwaring
  • Salvo Virga
  • Shaun Edwards
  • Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai (TORK) Developer Team
  • Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai(TORK) Developer Team
  • Wolfgang Merkt
  • masaya kataoka
  • nrotella
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