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New Packages for Melodic 2018-08-20

This was the last Artful sync for Melodic, the ROS buildfarm will not build packages for Ubuntu Artful anymore.

We’re happy to announce the availability of 65 new packages and 66 updated packages for ROS Melodic.

There was one deletion this cycle: ros-melodic-pybind11-catkin as this package is now available upstream.

As always thank you to all the maintainers who are making these releases as well as all the contributors who have helped contribute to these releases. Full details are below.

Package Updates for melodic

Added Packages [65]:

Updated Packages [66]:

Removed Packages [1]:

  • ros-melodic-pybind11-catkin

Thanks to all ROS maintainers who make packages available to the ROS community. The above list of packages was made possible by the work of the following maintainers:

  • Aaron Hoy
  • Alexander Tiderko
  • Alexander W. Winkler
  • AutonomouStuff Software Development Team
  • AutonomouStuff Software Team
  • Ben Charrow
  • Bruno Brito
  • Chad Rockey
  • Christoph Rösmann
  • Christopher Berner
  • D. Hood
  • David V. Lu!!
  • Davide Faconti
  • Dirk Thomas
  • Felix Ruess
  • Francis Colas
  • Geoff Viola
  • Jack O’Quin
  • Jose Luis
  • Jose Luis Blanco Claraco
  • KazutoMurase
  • Kei Okada
  • Kevin Hallenbeck
  • Konstantin Schauwecker
  • Mani Monajjemi
  • Marc Alban
  • Martin Guenther
  • Max Schwarz
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Pilz GmbH and Co. KG
  • Pyo
  • Russel Howe
  • Ryohei Ueda
  • Shohei Fujii
  • Slamtec ROS Maintainer
  • Tony Baltovski
  • Vladimir Ermakov
  • Vladislav Tananaev
  • Yuki Furuta
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