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New packages for Melodic 2020-09-15

We’re happy to announce the next update of ROS Melodic. There are 14 new packages as well as 163 updated packages. Full details are below.

Package Updates for melodic

Added Packages [14]:

Updated Packages [163]:

Removed Packages [0]:

Thanks to all ROS maintainers who make packages available to the ROS community. The above list of packages was made possible by the work of the following maintainers:

  • AWS RoboMaker
  • Aaron Blasdel
  • Aaron Hoy
  • Abraham Monrroy
  • Adrien BARRAL
  • Alexander Gutenkunst
  • Andrey Stepanov
  • Anqi Xu
  • Atsushi Watanabe
  • Austin Hendrix
  • Brice Rebsamen
  • Cyberbotics
  • Daniel D’Souza
  • Daniel Stonier
  • David V. Lu!!
  • Davide Faconti
  • EngHyu
  • Evan Flynn
  • Guglielmo Gemignani
  • Guillaume Autran
  • Hans-Joachim Krauch
  • Harshal Deshpande
  • Harshal Heshpande
  • Hitoshi Kamada
  • Johannes Meyer
  • Justin Carpentier
  • Kei Okada
  • Konstantinos Chatzilygeroudis
  • Kris Kozak
  • Laure LE BRETON
  • Marc Alban
  • Martin Günther
  • Masaya Kataoka
  • Mathias Lüdtke
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Michael Lehning
  • Mike Purvis
  • Nick Lamprianidis
  • Noda Shintaro
  • Olivier Stasse
  • P. J. Reed
  • Paul Bovbel
  • Robert Haschke
  • Romain Reignier
  • Russell Toris
  • Ryohei Ueda
  • Shingo Kitagawa
  • Shohei Fujii
  • Takuya Nakaoka
  • Timo Röhling
  • Tony Baltovski
  • Yohei Kakiuchi
  • YoheiKakiuchi
  • Yoshito Okada
  • Younghun Ju
  • Yuki Furuta
  • Yusuke Fujii
  • Yuto Inagaki
  • amc-nu
  • k-okada
  • mitsudome-r
  • syouji

@clalancette Tank you for the update to the packages. Could it be possible to update the list of maintainers and also add my name? For two months I have been maintaining the diagnostics packages for noetic and melodic but my name was not included in the list. I know that it’s a pretty frivolous thing to ask but it’s nice to have this small recognition for the work done :wink:

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FYI, the reason that your name didn’t appear is because the PR you opened to rosdistro wasn’t opened via bloom (and hence didn’t have the metadata that we look for when auto-generating the maintainers list). I’ll suggest you make sure to use bloom in the future.

In the meantime, I’ll manually add your name to the maintainers list above.

Are you sure that this is reason? I would think the problem is that @g-gemignani is not listed as a maintainer in the package manifest files in the upstream repo: see e.g.

I do strongly recommend using automated PRs with bloom. But unfortunately this won’t be enough to get you into the automatically generated list.

The report is generated from the debian packages themselves that are being synced. And although we support multiple maintainers in the package.xml and we expose both the first and the list in bloom However the debian package policy is to have one maintainer in RFC822 format because of this discontinuity the debian template select the first listed maintainer and not the full list. Which looks to be Austin in Noetic.

We could do some slightly more advanced logic to merge names but keep the first email to stay within the RFC822 specification. A PR along those lines would be appreciated.

I will make sure to open the prs via bloom and check that the packages are up to date. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile: