New release of the ros_buildfarm package (version 1.4.1)

I have just released version 1.4.1 of the ros_buildfarm package. There are only a few changes this time. The one addressing the Debian mirrors from the changelog is likely the most helpful one if you target Debian:

  • use cloudfront mirror for all Debian sources

Happy Building!

PS: This release will likely be the last one targeting Trusty-based machines. If you are using the master branch in your custom buildfarm you should carefully read the upcoming announcement since the next release will require Xenial-based machines running Java 8.

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One note regarding targetting the Debian mirror fix:
It proved to work well for us when deploying the buildfarm on AWS machines. Some people experienced issues with this CDN when using ros_buildfarm on travis (example here) so you may want to target a different mirror (by replacing this sed line) if you are facing the same issue