New Ubiquity Robotics Ubuntu+ROS Raspberry Pi Image (3B+ Support)

Available here

The image comes with Ubuntu 16.04 (LXDE), and ROS Kinetic, and is designed to run headless.

We thought that this image would be useful for many of you who are working on robots with Raspberry Pi’s.



Do you public anywhere the scripts to build the same images from a clean Ubuntu LXDE image? I saw some scripts to do that on your github, but they are pretty old most of them.


Hi @rohbotics,
I had issues running this on a Pi 3 A+. It would get stuck on the rainbow-colored background.

Your image worked fine for me on a B+ but not an A+.
The ROSbots Raspbian image worked fine on my A+.

I’m using a Samsung 32GB EVO Plus card if it makes a difference.