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Next ROS Quality Assurance Working Group January 2020

Dear all,

The QA Working Group meeting for January 2020 will take place 2020-01-09T14:00:00Z. The agenda below:


  1. Talk by Guido Schaefer and Arne Felgenträger from Bosch (20 mins for the talk followed by 10 mins questions and discussion)
    Title: Open source scanning for ROS packages
    Talk description: Presentation of the problem in product development by using open source in ROS when heading towards software deliveries with the obligation of fulfilling all license terms. Method and result of open source scanning of the ROS core.
  2. Ridhwan Luthra @Ridhwanluthra will present a potential quality initiative to improve the ROS packages Wiki pages (10 mins)
  3. Discuss REP-2004: Package Quality Categories (15 mins)
  4. Briefly discuss to move the meeting to 1PM GMT to make the timing more friendly for participants from California and West coast USA. (5 mins)


Please contribute to the review of our current initiatives:

  1. QA Dashboard. Link to the pending PR.
  2. The CI Badge for Link to the pending PR.
  3. The list of pending PRs for review. Link to the pending PR.

Conference details:

Can I make a proposal, that if we have some extra time, that we also discuss this REP?

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@Alami unfortunately I will be on vacations and won’t be available to join this meeting. May I suggest replacing me with @Katherine_Scott’s proposal. Aligning on this seems pretty relevant IMHO.

Also, a few corrections:

I never intended to “introduce HAROS for ROS 2”, as described by ROS Quality Assurance Working Group December 2019 Meeting Notes, there’s already prior work and my intention was to drive a bit the discussion, understand the experience of others so far and share ours. Not much to present from our side so far.

With this I essentially intented to present some of our recent work on RVD. We made a presentation two weeks ago in ROS Industrial Conference and describe it briefly at This is a funded effort which we’ll continue with. I will reach out and try get another spot later next year :slight_smile:


@Katherine_Scott and @vmayoral, I changed the agenda accordingly.