Next ROS Quality Assurance Working Group Meeting for June 2019

Dear ROS community,

The next ROS QA working group meeting will take place the 6th of June at 6PM GMT. This instance will include a talk by Ruffin White. The agenda and the talk’s details are below:


  1. Talk by Ruffin White (30 mins). Details below
  2. Discussion and questions (10 mins)
  3. Energize Code Review in ROS: Discuss the ROS2 pilot (20 mins)

Ruffin White Talk:

Title: Security and Usability: Designing Secure Tooling That Roboticists Can Use

Description: Security and usability are often paradoxically portrayed as a zero-sum trade off, particularly in traditional computing; where favor of one is assumed to the detriment of the other. Yet the truth is often more nuance; especially so for cyber physical systems. In many regards, security and usability in robotics are intertwined, and should instead be thought of as a positive-sum game; where the deficiency of one aspect may deprive potential from the other. This talk will focus on how to improve the security for robotic systems by improving the usability of SROS2 tooling, and by extension the development and verification processes adopted by ROS users.

Please let me know if you like to add anything to the agenda.

Google Hangout Details:

The last couple meetings we had quality issues with Meet Google. I suggest to try Google Hangout this time.

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I got few requests for sharing my slide after the talk. I’ve since then added a little more text to allow them to stand a bit more on their own, although for anyone who may have missed the meeting, I’d encourage checking out the references for more context. See slideshare:


As discussed during the meeting, this is the link to Haros Github