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Normal of pointcloud2

I am a beginner un ros. I want to find the normal of my pointcloud2. Is there a class who do that un ros?

Thanks you un avance.


I’m not experienced with PCL but to detect planes (for object recognition) I’ve used in the past:
But I don’t know if it will give you straight away the normals. I don’t remember what it returns, even tho you can see the planes in Rviz.

If you are also inexperienced in PCL and ROS, there is a GitHub repo with a nice writing and sample code on how to do stuff with PCL and ROS here:
And the PCL docs have an article about finding normals:

Good luck.

Thank you for the answer.

The problem is I can’t install pcl for ROS. I hva eproperly install pcl 1.7 on ubuntu but it seems there is no pcl install on my ROS kinetic.
I made a ros kinetic full install and pcl is not there. How can I add it to my ros kinetic?

Taking a look at the wiki:
I see it’s released for Kinetic, so:

sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-pcl-ros

should work.

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