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Object_recognition_msgs porting to ROS2

Anyone working on porting object_recognition_msgs to ROS2? If not, our team at Persistent System is ready to put the effort in porting object_recognition_msgs to ROS2. Please let us know if anyone has any concern or any vital information that we will help us in this porting effort. If anyone has already started already working on porting object_recognition_msgs, Please let us know if you will be interested to obtain our assistance in the porting effort.
@Vincent_Rabaud, I see that you are the maintainer of this package in ROS, hence Iā€™m tagging you here in this post.

@Vincent_Rabaud, Any comments? Are you ok for us to put effort in porting of object_recognition_msgs to ROS2?

Thanks @prasenjitdan for your interest in porting and maintaining ROS2 packages!

Based on ongoing discussion at ROS2 perception porting status, it looks like the ORK stack may not be a candidate for porting. So this package may not be worth porting for now (or maybe at all), packages needing computer vision messages should consider using the new vision_msgs package instead.

To echo questions asked on separate threads, could you please provide more information on how the packages you and your team want to port are selected? as well as the ROS2 maintenance plan for the ported packages?


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