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Free ROS 2 lessons + coding exercises using browser-based coding environment

Hi All,

@Katherine_Scott and I gave a 2-hour ROS 2 edu workshop (Zoom-based) for the Black in Robotics non-profit org this weekend.

In addition to lecturing about ROS history/design, nodes, and topics to the participants, the Zoom workshop also included working on hands-on coding exercises with the participants using the Hadabot browser-based ROS 2-Foxy coding/dev environment.

For those interested in what these lessons modules / coding exercises entail, I published an asynchronous version of these ROS 2 lessons on Hadabot’s website (click ‘Learn / Build’ from the menu bar) which pretty much parallels the Zoom workshop we gave in-person.

As usual feedback’s always welcomed. And if you know of any educators/orgs looking to build a ROS 2 lesson plan, I’d love to connect and help out with the curriculum!

Jack “the Hadabot Maker”