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Open Mobile Manipulator Project


I would like to share my Graduation project

It is a cheap educational mobile manipulator, like a diy approach to a turtlebot
costing approximately 600-700 but that depends
It can be helpfull to teach amcl, move_base, rtabmap, moveit, hardware interface…

It consists of

Jetson Nano (100) - TX2 (600)
4x Geared DC Motors with encoders (4x30 = 120)
arduino due(30) (with rosserial for pid speed and publish encoder ticks, it also reads the encoders directly)
1 ydlidar X4 (100-300)
1 kinect v1(50) - realsense(200)
3 dc-dc buck converters (30)
2 L298N(15) - sabertooth (60)
1 lipo 5000 mah (50)
1 I2c servo driver (20)
1 diy robotic arm (200) no feedback - with feedback (800…)
1 robot base could be just wood with metal rods to make 2 levels and motor brackets

youtube video


Any advice much appreciated!!


another video
Real Time Appearance Mapping (RTABMap) and Localization with Robot KidNap (3D features)