Open Robotics Robot Garage Sale

Open Robotics Robot Garage Sale

As part of the the OSRC acquisition, OSRF has decided to part ways with a couple of research robots that were kept at the office. The sale of these robots will benefit OSRF and allow us to fund more community outreach.

If you have been looking for a robot for your personal use, startup, lab, or community group have we got a deal for you! OSRF is offering two lightly used robots at steep discounts!

Here are the details about the garage sale:

  • We’re offering the robots at a 50% discount off of the MSRP.
  • The buyer must arrange and pay for shipping the robot. Local pickup is preferred.
  • The robots can be picked up from the Open Robotics Mountain View office.
  • As far as we know the robots are in good, working condition and are in new to excellent condition.
  • Interested parties should email with their contact details.
  • Questions can be also be directed to
  • We’ll update the post when the robots have been sold. I saw
  • All sales are final.

Hello Robot Stretch RE 2

The first robot is a Hello Robot Stretch RE2 Robot new in box. This robot in particular is model number stretch-re2-2009. Stretch is a mobile manipulator robot that is great for teleoperation and mobile manipulator research. Since the robot is new in box it should be fairly easy to ship. Be aware that this is a slightly older model of Stretch, we received it in January, 2023, and you may want to consider working with the manufacturer to upgrade it. We can introduce you to them to better understand your options. This robots has an MSRP of $20,000 and we are offering it for only $10,000. You can read more about the Stretch on the Robot Report and on IEEE Spectrum

Universal Robotics UR5

The second robot up for sale is a Universal Robots UR5. Universal Robots is know for their low-cost, high performance compliant cobots. Roughly, the UR5 is a five axis robot with an 850mm working area and a 5 Kg payload capacity. This robot in particular has a very limited number of service hours; we estimate well less than a hundred hours (i.e. like-new). The robot does not include an end effector but it does include the teach pendant. Since this robot has been use we no longer have the original packaging and documentation. Our estimate of the MSRP for this robot is $8000-$9000 and we are offering it for only $4000. This robot is a great starting point for someone to upgrade from toy robots to low-cost commercial models.

If you have any questions, or are interested in purchasing one or both of these robots please e-mail us at


Thank you for sharing!

I’m bumping this. We’re still looking for a buyer for the Stretch robot.

Both robots have been sold!