Open Source Robotics Meet Up in Detroit on June 8

Your friends at Open Robotics, Canonical, PickNik, and the ROS-I Consortium/SwRI are excited to be hosting a meet up for those of us in town during Automate 2022. Even if you are not in town for Automate, but are interested in open source and robotics, feel free to check out this free event. Registration is required.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you in Detroit!

Matt R.
ROS-I Americas


@nathanbrooks and I will be there from PickNik. Looking forward to seeing anyone who’s at Automate, or in the area.

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I am going to be at the meetup along with Automate / the ROS-Industrial yearly meeting. I’ll probably be hanging out around the ROS-I booth most of the time. If you have a robot demo running ROS at Automate please drop a note in my DMs; I would love to swing by and take a video / drop off some stickers.

Word on the street is that the after party is at Lafayette Coney Island.


Bumping this as the event is tomorrow. Please join us after Automate on Wednesday.

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