Openpose Implementation for Mobile / Embedded

Implementation of Openpose for realtime : Human Pose Estimation

This will run on your laptop or embedded devices (even without gpu).

It seems to be a good technique to create various application examples.

[Call for join on opensource project]

I recently re-implemented CMU’s openpose which is one of the best model to estimate human pose in realtime with powerful 'GPUs’
With that reimplementation, I have made a couple of changes like tuning network architecture.

Especially, by using mobilenet’s ‘Depthwise Separable Convolution’, the model can be improved to run realtime even in an low-power embedded device or laptop without a GPU.

But I think, there are much room for improvement in speed and accuracy. So I’m finding crews to help this opensource project to research further. Anyone can join via online.


Anyway you might recommend to extract skeleton points as 3D point coordinates?

Sorry for the late reply. Actually, I’m working on it although It will take some time…

I added ROS support on this project as well as other features.