Ouster driver package removed from Iron?

Why were the ouster driver packages removed from Iron on the 6/30 sync? It appears that they are still in Humble and Rolling. Is there a plan to add them back in a future sync?

It was removed from the index here

It looks like it’s in progress to be added back here:

Yes, the Ouster official driver will replace Steve’s version -after implementing all missing features- beginning with Iron distro. I would be happy to answer any concerns on this matter.

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Great, thanks for the information. Any idea about the timeline for that?

Yeah, I’ve coordinated with Ouster to have a transition over an Ouster-organic driver after they’ve decided to take a leading role in maintaining and managing their own driver. As such, I did not include it in Iron so we could transition over to the new driver sometime during the life of Iron (but you’re welcome to build from source and still use it! Nothing’s wrong).

As part of the transition, we’ll update the repository in ros-drivers to be the new Ouster driver once it meets a general migration policy / requirements. I haven’t heard from them in a hot minute about that, but I trust that they’re getting there.

I’m not sure about that rosdistro PR though. It seems to make more process sense to merge the new driver into the ros-drivers version and then release once it meets the community’s needs.

I have already submitted a PR to the rosdistro to switch to the official driver starting with the iron release. I am still following up with moderators to fulfill all requirements and recommendation to get this approved.

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