Migrating to official ROS 2 Ouster driver from the community version

Greetings users of ROS 2 and Ouster lidars!

Taneli from Karelics here. We have been using Ouster lidars for some time, and just recently migrated from the community-developed driver to the now available officially supported ROS 2 Ouster driver. The recent blog post on our company website describes our experiences during the driver change, as well as a side-by-side comparison between the official and community versions of the driver.

Feel free to check it out and let us know about your thoughts and experiences on the topic!


Hi @ tanelikor, thanks for sharing your experience about transitioning to the official Ouster ROS2 driver. I had shared your article through ouster-ros discussions and provided a response to some of the points the article raised. You can check the post here: Karelics share their experience on "Migrating to the official ROS 2 Ouster driver from the community version" · ouster-lidar/ouster-ros · Discussion #205 · GitHub.

With regard to the binaries distribution of ouster-ros, this should happen any time soon once I resolve this issue: Ouster Packages Missing


Hi @Samahu and thanks for the response! About the binaries: Yes, I saw the Discourse thread you linked around the time that the blog post was made public, but decided not to make last minute changes to the text because of that. Happy to see the binaries coming along, although as stated in the article, the lack of them was not problematic for us.

As for some of the other points in your response, I think I will write a separate reply in the ouster-ros discussions, as I feel like that is a better place for the more detailed discussion. But needless to say that I find the charts about CPU and point cloud frequencies very intriguing, and I might take a deeper look into them in the near future.

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