Preparing for Crystal sync and patch release: 2019-04-04

The next patch release for Crystal is scheduled for next Thursday (2019-04-04). As with the previous patch releases, there is a tracking issue: ros2/ros2#668 .

This patch release is driven by an updated release of our default RMW implementation provider, Fast-RTPS, which resolves a number of underlying issues. See our backport proposal for details.

AMD64 packages of the latest pre-release state are available in the testing repository already and ARM64 packages won’t be far behind.

There are a few more releases scheduled for rclpy and launch and I’ll update this thread when we have a likely final release candidate.

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This release is on hold to investigate a possible regression in rclcpp_action. I will update the target sync date once we have a identified a resolution.

We’ve got a fix for the rclcpp test backported to Crystal and I’m just releasing it now. I’m going to leave Patch 4 in the testing repository over the weekend to and plan to sync Monday 2019-04-08 if no further problems are reported.

I forgot to mention that the release is out.