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Preparing for Indigo Sync 2017-07-24

We’re close to having another set of packages available for indigo.

Reviewing the detected regressions I found 2 root causes.

  1. jsk_apc2015_common is continuing to fail to build sourcedebs, and in recent releases it has been added as a dependency. @k-okada
  2. There is a moved header in grid_map_ros breaking cost_map_ros I’ve filed tickets upstream and downstream: @stonier @pfankhauser

Since we have over 200 packages to sync I don’t want to wait too long we may need to sync with these regressions. Without response I may attempt to roll back the grid_map changes too.

If there’s anything else I should be aware of please reply here.

Thanks for the heads up, @tfoote! A fix for the backward compatibility for grid_map is underway: I hope to get this in before the sync.

Thanks for the quick work and replies @k-okada @stonier @pfankhauser

The sync is out: New Packages for Indigo 2017-07-25

As well as for Kinetic: New Packages for Kinetic 2017-07-25

Re: Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2017-07-24

Great, I’m glad we got this resolved quickly, thank you for your work!

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