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Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2017-11-29

With our extended sync this cycle we have over 300 packages queued to sync. However we have a couple of regressions at the moment.

I’d like to target the sync for the end of this week.

General regressions

The two regressions are below. Both appear to possibly be side effects of changes to upstream packages.

@stonier @pfankhauser This looks like it might be an API change in grid_map.

@miquelmassot @Vincent_Rabaud This might be related to the opencv3 update.

These are causing regressions in 8 packages within the same repos as the tickets. It would be great to resolve these before we sync however I don’t currently plan to hold the sync beyond the end of this week since we have such a large update for these.

Jessie specific

In this cycle we have recently resolved that rosjava will not be supported on Debian Jessie as it’s OpenJDK does not have newenough SSL certificates.

Tracking issue:

This brings up the consideration that this is one of many things that Jessie is now falling behind on and is making things harder for maintainers to support. As Jessie is not one of our mainline targets we can consider making it EOL since it’s not one of our LTS targets. How do others feel about this?

Otherwise we’ll plan to sync before the end of the week. If there are any other issues you’d like to see reviewed please reply here.

I added a comment to the ticket in cost_map. @stonier, could you please integrate the renaming changes in cost_map to resolve the regression?

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There’s a runtime usecase breakage in the image_proc, which the pub-sync candidate 1.12.21 is already released for. I don’t know how the maintainers react to this so just FYI.

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@130s Thanks for the heads up on that regression. It looks like it’s being actively worked on. The others seem stalled so if the image_proc regression is fixed shortly I will plan to sync after that and not wait for the other regressions.


I just confirmed that current rosbridge_suite version 0.8.5 contains a bug. could you skip this version in this sync? or wait for this weekend?

I just released rosbridge_suite 0.8.6. It should have fixed the issue.

Thanks for the quick fix @jihoonl

Since there’s a known regression in image_pipeline and I don’t have a timeline for the fix. I’m planning to roll back to the previous version for this sync. That will require a rebuild when that’s completed the rebuild I plan to sync.

The rollback didn’t work and needed more coordinated rollback. There’s now a new release on it’s way with the nodelet fix instead of trying to roll back more of the coordinated releases already in the sync.

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@tfoote the issue with opencv3 is shown in I would need the maintainers to take a look at it.