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Preparing for Melodic sync 2021-04-23

Melodic currently has 3 regressions and 167 packages ready to sync.

The regressions are caused by an out-of-memory error when building a particularly large package on arm64; I’ve re-kicked it with the hope that we can get a build through for it.

I’m going to start holding Melodic packages as of today, April 23, and plan to do a sync early next week.

Please reply here if there are any other outstanding issues I should know about before performing a sync.

The sync is out.

it would be great to have another melodic sync soon. Mostly to get the genpy fix
Any timeline on this?

I was waiting over the weekend to see what failed the rebuild. I’m happy to report that we’re regression free. So I’ll actually put a hold on Melodic syncs for now; it would be worthwhile for people using melodic to test out the latest testing packages and make sure that it works for them.