Preparing for Noetic Sync 2024-05-09

Hello Noetic maintainers!

Starting now, I will be holding new Noetic ros/rosdistro release PRs with a plan to sync ROS Noetic packages to the main apt repo on 2024-05-09. Please comment here if there are any issues I should know about before performing the sync.

There are currently 71 packages waiting to sync and 3 regressions.

I found a (IMO) medium critical bug in the to-be-released RViz 1.14.22: After PR #1808: Segfault when loading RViz config with RobotModel display using non-default parameter name · Issue #1825 · ros-visualization/rviz · GitHub .

It will lead to segfaults for users with stored RViz configs that use a RobotModel display configured to use a non-default parameter name while also specifying another model on /robot_description ROS parameter.

Not sure if this is something the release should be held off for. In some of our use-cases, we have this configuration (i.e. multiple robot models on multiple parameters with one of them being the default /robot_description).

We would be affected by this as well. Wasn’t aware of the issue.

I will only find time on Sunday, May 12th, to look into this.

@Timple could you please try to replicate the issue with either rviz from noetic-devel or the prerelease binary?

I fixed the issue. Was actually easy.
New release PR: rviz: 1.14.23-1 in 'noetic/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by rhaschke · Pull Request #41121 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub

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You’re just awesome, thanks!

Thank you for reporting the issue @peci1 and @Timple , and thank you for fixing it so quickly @rhaschke!

I’m going to give the sync freeze one more day. I want to try out RViz myself, and I want to make sure there’s no issues with some other releases that were merged during the freeze by mistake.

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We ran into an issue with the map display with that new RViz upgrade. I opened an issue on GitHub with details here: Map Display jumps due to Qt::QueuedConnection · Issue #1826 · ros-visualization/rviz · GitHub

The sync is out :tada: . Now is a great time to make releases for the next sync :shrimp: :fried_shrimp:

I fixed the rviz issue reported by @MichaelGrupp: rviz: 1.14.24-1 in 'noetic/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by rhaschke · Pull Request #41192 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I have a question about ROS mirrors related to the latest rviz release: are the packages’ old versions deleted as soon as new versions come out? The newest rviz version broke my build, so I tried to rollback to an older version; however I could not find version 1.14.20 mirrors.

$ sudo apt-cache showpkg ros-noetic-rviz
Package: ros-noetic-rviz
1.14.23-1focal.20240509.203011 (/var/lib/apt/lists/packages.ros.org_ros_ubuntu_dists_focal_main_binary-amd64_Packages) (/var/lib/dpkg/status)
 Description Language: 

Yes, the PPAs only hold the latest version. To access older versions, use the snapshot repos: SnapshotRepository - ROS Wiki . However, if you only reinstall rviz from the snapshot repo, it might happen that you’ll get segfaults if you use custom plugins for displays/tools etc. You should ideally reinstall everything that build-depends on rviz (you can begin here: ROS Package: rviz, but it lists not only build-depends). And even then, there is chance you’ll get segfaults if the ABI of some other packages changed. If you’re building in a Docker/singularity environment, you’ll rather use the snapshot repo as PPA and you’ll be free of any of the mentioned problems.

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@peci1 Thank you for the detailed response!