Preparing for Rolling sync 2021-12-09

I’m planning for a Rolling sync 2021-12-09T08:00:00Z once the RHEL rebuild is complete and regression free.

In the meantime, we’ll hold Rolling release PRs unless they address problems in the forthcoming sync.

If you find such an issue, please report it on the upstream repository and link that report here so we’re aware of the issue.
If you are releasing a fix for a reported issue, please link the rosdistro release PR with the fixed version as well as the upstream issue here so that we can track those as well.

I’m tracking at least one critical regression on RHEL. This release should bring the fix: yaml_cpp_vendor: 7.1.1-1 in 'rolling/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by cottsay · Pull Request #31405 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub

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We’ll get that one merged once the Jammy repositories are deployed since we need a quiet farm for that deployment.

The sync is out.