Preparing for Rolling sync 2023-07-13

The time is coming up for the next Rolling sync. After today we’ll hold release to Rolling and, if things look good, sync on Thursday or Friday.

When I opened the sync announcement we were still in a period of heavy rebuild. After the rebuild I did file upstream issues for package maintainers of regressions in Rolling until this afternoon.

As a result, I am going to delay this sync until Tuesday next week. On Tuesday, if the regressions are still outstanding, we will sync with them.

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Note ros2_controllers: 3.12.0-1 in 'rolling/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by bmagyar · Pull Request #38023 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub was merged (by me) accidentally during the hold, so it will not have had the time in testing to catch all potential runtime regressions in this and downstream packages.

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In a stable distribution, I would be inclined to revert this release in order to guarantee the soak time in testing. But for Rolling, and in the interest of getting an already delayed sync through, I am not going to revert this release unless it introduces a new build regression. Once the build farm has settled, I’ll proceed with the sync.

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The sync is out!