Python and c++ Developer and Expert in ROS and Computer Vision on Jetson

The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing visual-based navigation algorithms along with the differential control tuning all the local and global planners to work in different situations.


1- 2:3 years of experience with ROS

2- Familiarity with CUDA

3- Having experience with D435i and ZED2 would be preferable

4- Having experience with SLAM and being able to develop a local and global planner


1- Join our team and help accelerate the process

2- Develop clear codes in C++ and Python

3- Work on ROS/ROS2

4- Develop path-planning algorithms


How do you want people to get in touch with you? What is the name of the company?

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Sorry i was suspended, we are waybot-robotics:
we are startup building industrial cleaning robots that navigate autonomously.
you can send email to :

Is there an option for remote work?