R&D and Academic robots for sale

Hi, I have some Rovers and Drones for academic and R&D use for sale.
They are small, very easy to transport and plenty of features.
They are great to learn or develop ROS,ROS2, STIL,HITL, 2D/3D V/SLAM,VIO, code and algorithm validation, NN/ML…


These robots are really amazing!! :smiley:

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Thanks! I think they can help for learning as I started to learn simulators, and they are OK, but to be honest on sims the sun doesn’t blind the cameras, there is not camera vibrations, USB3 doesn’t jamm the GPS or rover’s mass transfer probably won’t affect the VIO algorithm, and thousands of things that I think removes real perception of what you need to get something reliable in real world.
I noted that after learned the little I know making real robots simulators are not helping me to improve.

I could be wrong but because that, in most cases and for learning, I think they are much better than simulators, and being the price equivalent to a GPU needed to run a simulator, I thought it have sense offer them to some Academic or R&D institution.