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Region_tlr_ssd doesn't preview on rviz (ImageViewerPlugin]) and no signal

Hi guys,

I am trying to turn on the traffic light recognition using region_tlr_ssd but it doesn’t preview any result on rviz. I followed the ssdcaffe installation from here and installation and compilation done without any error.

I used the pretrained model that mentioned in the docs and save it in: Autoware/ros/src/computing/perception/detection/trafficlight_recognizer
and the model has loaded

The steps as follow:
1- initialized localization by run the TF, vehicle model from setup
2- run point cloud , vector map, and TF
3- launched velodyne from sensing and turn on the camera mindvision, launched the camera calibration.
4- launched ndt_matching, feat_proj, and region_tlr_ssd
5- opened the rviz as below pictures


* /region_tlr_ssd/gpu_id: 0
* /region_tlr_ssd/image_raw_topic: /camera0/image_raw
* /region_tlr_ssd/network_definition_file: /home/team1/Autow...
* /region_tlr_ssd/pretrained_model_file: /home/team1/Autow...
* /region_tlr_ssd/use_gpu: True
* /rosdistro: kinetic
* /rosversion: 1.12.14

System Specification

1- Ubuntu 16.4
2- Autoware 1.7
3- Cuda 9
4- ROS Kintenic

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