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Obstacle detection/avoidance and traffic light recognition with LGSVL simulator

I’m currently working on my master’s thesis in computer science and try to compare different frameworks for autonomous driving. Besides a theoretical approach regarding architecture, used algorithms etc. I want to do a more practical approach and compare them in different scenarios in the LGSVL simulator as I can’t get my hands on a real vehicle.
To be fair, I want all currently working modules and functionalities to be available.

As of now I’m struggling getting Autoware obstacle detection and traffic light recognition to work. I described my efforts in more detail in the LGSVL GitHub Repo. I hope it’s okay to just link this instead of explaining/copying everything and linking the issue after all, so there’s no need to read the same stuff over and over.

If there is any need for more information I’m happy to provide everything you might need - but I think it’s more a lack of documentation than something like a bug.

In summary: What do I need to do to let the car avoid crashing into other cars and stopping on red lights? Which current Autoware version/branch do you see fit for using with the simulator for testing purposes?

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,

Hello @yanbec, I have been facing the same issue for a long time now and I was not able to find any solution to it.
I know its been a year on your post but have you been able to solve this?

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