Reinforcement learning


Is it possible to Implement reinforcement learning Algorithms in ROS Noetic ?

could you suggest some good packages for it ?

of course, you can use the RL in ROS. What type of packages do you want? Do you want to develop your own environment or use an existing one? It would be great if you could better describe it.

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This thread might be relevant to you.

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Thanks for your reply.

I am using my Own robot and my own environment. I want to use Reinforment learning Algorithm to develop a path plan for a Pick and place robot.

I dont really know how to develop an Enviroment in Gazebo. That’s why i tried using OPEN_AI Ros package, but it doesn’t work for Python 3.

I have also created a Moveit package for my Robot

Do you know how to integrate RL in Gazebo to train the robot?

Cofig: WSL2 in Windows 11, Ubuntu 20.04.6, Ros Noetic