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Release repositories on Bitbucket rather than GitHub?

Since RecommendedRepositoryUsage last update is dated 2013-01-24, I’d like to know if it is still mandatory to have the repositories on GitHub rather than on another hosting service, e.g. Bitbucket.

Please take a look a little closer at that article. We explicitly state that we do not mandate any specific vcs or hosting at the top of that article. The usage of GitHub is only recommended.

If you take a look at the release urls in the distributions you’ll find github is the majority, but there are at least 35 urls with bitbucket in them. See indigo’s distribution file There’s actually even more instances of gitlab, both self hosted and remote hosted.

The only element that’s truly tied to GitHub is that is where the index is hosted and to submit a PR against it you need to have a GitHub account, but that would be true of any hosted solution.

There are also several optimizations that use the GitHub API to access things more quickly, but we’ve made it a point to make sure that our toolchain works without requiring GitHub and has generic fallback capabilities.

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Some of the optimizations have been ported to bitbucket and as well thanks to @Mike_Purvis:

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Thank you both, and sorry for the word “mandatory” which wasn’t indeed correct: that “HIGHLY recommended” in the wiki has distracted me from what I have read (I admit, quickly) just before :confused: