Robot developers wanted as users: stair step detector

Hello ROS experts,

where I live, you do not see any commercial robots that climb stairs. Why is that? Are they so hard to build? Or are the required sensors not yet good enough? Or is the software too complicated? No, the software can not be the problem. Maybe it is a bit arduous to find the right software, or someone who develops it. Maybe the software developer is very expensive. But such difficulties will soon be a thing of the past.

Open-source software, which plans the movement of a robot based on an ambient model, already exists. There are probably already different open-source software that evaluates depth sensor data, detects stair steps and creates a stair model. You can find everything on the web.

If you are a robot developer and looking for a software module to detect stair steps, I have something for you that you can try. Here you will find everything about the stair-step detector, the camera used and the software interface:

If you are interested, I will try to support you in the integration of the stair-step detector into your system. If you have questions about this software module or ideas for further development, please send it to me. I am pleased about every feedback.

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It is an hardware problem for wheeled robots and a planning and control problem too for legged.

In my opinion, 3d detection is the least of the problem, here.

Said that, thanks for sharing, I am sure many people will find this useful

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Thank you for your reply. I don’t think it’s an electro-mechanical problem, because there are enough electric stairclimbers out there already.

The planning and control problem will hopefully be solved soon.