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Robotics Beginner - Hexapod

Hi All

I am totally new to the world of robotics and like most of my other projects usually come to me on a whim, this time it was a TV show set in space that featured a homicidal Hexapod :grinning:

So this is my current endeavor to build from scratch a Hexapod Robot, very basic at first with it being controlled via a simple controller, the homicidal part comes later :joy: Looking at 18DoF.

Whats the best low cost platform to get started with ROS as I get more proficient and my ideas expand to the realm of total autonomy then systems like the intel nuc and Dynamixel Servos may be called for but at the moment a simple control system that can run ROS and some cheap 15kg Torque Servos.

From other DIY projects I have a 3D printer and a CNC machine that I can use to create my custom parts for the body.

So looking for help and points in the right direction from other Hexapod Builders and other Robotics enthusiasts and professionals alike.