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Integrating ROS 2 with Gazebo - Tutorial

Hi everyone, I have recently posted another tutorial, this time on integrating ROS 2 with Gazebo.
It turned out pretty long (and even then I had to skip over some stuff) but hopefully it covers the most important stuff for someone getting into this for the first time. Even if you’re already pretty experienced, you never know, you might pick something up!

The video is linked below, with a companion blog post available here.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m now preparing a series on building a DIY autonomous platform (turtlebot-esque) so if you have any interest in that, please consider subscribing (or even building along with me). Also, if there are other topics that you think would be good for me to cover in the future, please let me know!


There are great and we really appreciate the effort! I went and posted this on the official Open Robotics Twitter and LinkedIn.


Thanks for sharing it!

Great tutorial, thanks! Question: what are the “key plugins” that Ignition Gazebo is missing, in your opinion?


Thanks Rick! I planned this out a while ago, and at the time (to the best of my knowledge) gazebo_ros2_control hadn’t been ported over yet, and I have some future tutorials that rely on it.

Having just taken another look it does seem like it has since been ported, so that leaves me in a bit of a pickle. I don’t think there’s a binary/apt package available though, and I’m trying to keep my tutorials reasonably beginner-friendly so I’ll stick with Gazebo for now, but I’ll try to keep a closer eye on things in case they change soon. (And I’ll try testing that repo myself - I’ve currently got some issues with gazebo_ros2_control and it would be nice if they happen to disappear…)

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