Robotics Distributed System based on Kubernetes

Hi All,

we have been through feasibility and experience using ROS/ROS2 based on Kubernetes. Now we can create ROS2 distributed system on Kubernetes Edge Cluster dynamically. we would like to hear about if anyone interested in this stuff, so that we could maybe share some intel and thoughts about fleet management, architecture and use cases.

i believe that this could bring more people or attention from cloud guys to robotics and ros community.

Backgroud / Motivation

  • Robots Orchestration
  • Development Environment
  • Limit and Constrain the resources / Access to the host system
  • Distributed System (fails independently, also appears to be a single use experience.)
  • Multiple Robots/Fleet Management (10, 100 and 1000+)
  • Application Lifecycle Control (roll up and down without downtime)
  • Maintenance (automatically redeploy the application container if it gets crashed)

using Kubernetes (which btw open source and maintained by CNCF), we can have a lot of things described above. we can actually create ROS2 distributed system with one command line and even auto recovery and no downtime for upgrade.

if anyone interested in details, we are willing to have online syncup including demonstration. so if you are interested, just ping me!!!


We’ve lately been looking at some fleet management systems from a security perspective and would be interested in this indeed. Please let me know if something gets organized.



I’m very interested in this.


I am also very interested in this. Is there a project that could come out of this to help with general ROS-Kubernetes applications?

We’re hiring a Cloud Native open source engineer soonish. When that happens, I’d love to have him and I work together on something like this if there’s an opportunity.



appreciate for the quick response, guys!
I will organize date for sync, expecting 2/M-2/E. anyway let me get back to you.

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Is there a project that could come out of this to help with general ROS-Kubernetes applications?

no i do not think so, but I really like that idea.

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I’m very interested in this.

This looks great! I’m very interested too!

I’d like to hear about how this works in intermittent connectivity situations.

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This sounds really interesting. Anyway we could potentially record the sync-up? I would be more than happy to help.

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I’m also interested in this too

Hi… I’ve been looking for similar solutions. Please let me in the sync-up. I’ll appreciate it.


Anyway we could potentially record the sync-up?

i’m just okay to do that.

I would be more than happy to help.

thanks for the help, i’ll let you know!


What a success @tomoyafujita!

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could you please fill in your available time? we will take the majority.


could you help me to setup online meeting and recording, if it is not problem for you. i really appreciate for your offer.

Can we do the meeting as a google hangout and record it? We can then add the video back into the thread.

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You might consider making those checkboxes, multiple options work for me anyway.

That requires G Suite Enterprise; I assume you have it? We can facilitate that if needed, as well.

It looks like we don’t have GSuite Enterprise either. @kyrofa I would love it if you could record the hangout and post it to YouTube. I’m trying to get more meetup content recorded so it can be available to community members across the globe.

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No problem. @tomoyafujita let me know the final time slot and we’ll create an event in the calendar for it with a HO link and record it.

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Adding my best available time (and replying so I get notified of the happenings in this thread)