Robotics Engineer at ACTISA, (Spain)

ACTISA is engaged in a disruptive robotics project in the field of autonomous navigation. We are looking for a software programmer/engineer.
Ideal candidates are hands-on, technical, and passionate about robotics. We are looking for a candidate with BS degree in computer engineering or robotics engineering or related field with a focus in Robotics Engineering. This position is an applied robotics programmer, where one needs good working knowledge and experience with robot programming. ROS is heavily used and hence you must be proficient in C++ or python while also understanding hardware interactions. A plus is if you have experience with solving complex robotics problems, have generated software architecture, designed and built full-stack software, and managed software build & releases.
You will be responsible for:
· Designing, implementing and testing robotic software that integrates low-level components into useful robot behaviors
· Supporting field experiments
· Troubleshooting robot software
· Software version control
You will be working alongside other engineers taking part in an exciting project.
You will be measured in ability to effectively communicate with SW resources and implement new functionalities on the robot.
Mandatory Requirements:
· Education: BS in computer engineering or Robotics engineering or related field with Robotics Focus
· Robot Operating System ROS (academic experience is fine)
· Good knowledge of C++; Python and Object Oriented Programming
· Linux / Ubuntu familiarity
· Experience with robot hardware
· Version control with GIT
Number of jobs vacancies. 1
You can send your CV to
You can find more information in the following lonk about the project:
Cybercop Project - Actisa

Can you please provide a link to “ACTISA” so people have some context for this job posting?

I am interested how can I apply for the Job position?

Hi. Our email is

Just sent you my CV :raised_hands: