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Robotics mobility, vision, and manipulation positions at Aeolus Robotics

Opportunities at Aeolus Robotics

Aeolus Robotics is a startup, founded to bring the first generation of household robot assistants to life, and to market. We integrate Taiwanese manufacturing prowess, Silicon Valley AI genius, and worldwide coding expertise to break ground in general-purpose consumer robotics for unstructured “human” spaces. The team is fast-paced, highly skilled, and world class in both research and application; the CTO, an expert in AI and machine learning, created and ran the $200M DARPA program on AI in unstructured environments that led to the Watson AI project.

Aeolus is currently in stealth mode, and looking to grow its initial team. We seek 10+ people with expertise in mobility, vision, and manipulation, who are excited by the challenge of building a new robotic architecture from the ground up.

The Aeolus robot is wheeled, with a single arm and a dexterous manipulator. The first applications will be “fetch” and cleaning tasks. The robot will plan and execute tasks primarily on visual information, using LIDAR, RGB-D, and image sensors. The dynamic, and uncontrolled nature of home environments shapes the technology the company plans to employ.

Aeolus seeks developers and team leaders with expertise in the following areas:

  • Robot motion, especially reactive planning and replanning techniques.
  • Robot vision, SIFT and other approaches to face and object recognition, vision processing in service of SLAM, and surface modeling in service of manipulation.
  • Manipulation and grasping, especially software compliant approaches that are compatible with a variety of grips and objects, e.g., a cupping motion, a pinching action, and a more generic grasp with a compliant end-effector.

Candidates for developer positions should have an MS or PhD, and experience building significant robotic systems.

Candidates for senior leadership positions should have a PhD in a relevant area, and/or significant experience in both designing solutions, and directing a team to implement them. Recruiting a team is also a job opportunity/role.

Aeolus is a deeply distributed company, with contributors in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Employees can work remotely, or in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are open to consulting arrangements and collaborations. Salaries are commensurate with expertise, and highly competitive by region.

Please send inquiries, to, with a resume/CV attached.