Robotics positions (Manipulation, Social robots, Navigation) @ EURECAT (Barcelona)

The Robotics and Automation Unit of Eurecat Technology Center (Barcelona) is looking for a highly motivated Robotics engineers with special interest in applied R&D. Our vacancies are seeking people with passion for robotics, software and artificial intelligence regardless the amount of experience and age.

We need candidates with good level of Software development for robotics solutions (including ROS) and a particular interest in specializing and developing a career in some of this research challenges (HRI, planning, learning, navigation, manipulation, perception, etc)

Our group is specialized in applied research and development on Service and Industrial Robotics. Our objective is to increase the level of robot autonomy and intelligence to enable more complex robotics behaviours. Our projects cover a wide range of robotics topics and sectors such as advanced manufacturing, field robotics (agriculture and others), logistics, healthcare, inspection and maintenance, etc.

Over the last 15 years, our group has developed extensive experience in solutions and developments for our customers, as well as in several of the most successful European and Spanish projects in robotics.

We are a team of energetic young people passionate about robotics. Check the open positions and join us!

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Greetings Nestor,
my name is Ángel López, Your offer kept my eye and I am interested in knowing more about your center, and would like to introduce myself personally so you can know more about me and my last proyects.

Hope we can get in touch soon, you can contact me through email or either Linkedin.