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Ronoco (ROS no code) v2

Hello everyone,

Some time ago I presented to the community an open source prototype of no code interface for ROS made during an internship at ENSEIRB-MATMECA (engineering school in Bordeaux, France).

Ronoco (ros no code) is built around a simple observation, it is not possible to control a robot with ROS without mastering python or c++. From now on, Ronoco offers the possibility to control any manipulator arm working with MoveIt and any rolling robot (like Turtlebot3) working with MoveBase.

Ronoco does not require any particular configuration, if your robot works with MoveIt or MoveBase you just have to launch it with a simple command, for example for a kuka KR6 with a wsg_50 end effector you just have to launch roslaunch ronoco manipulator.launch commander:="manipulator_wsg_50" compliant_mode:=None end_effector:="wsg_50_driver/move". Once you can simply go to your localhost:8080 to control the robot by building behaviour trees using Node-RED.

For more information you can consult the project documentation or the github, don’t hesitate to test the project and give suggestions for improvements or features

You can also see a video presentation below

Ronoco Trailer