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Ronoco - (ROS no-code)

Hello everyone,

I am an engineering student entering my last year at ENSEIRB-MATMEMCA (engineering school in Bordeaux, France) and I am currently doing an internship. My internship subject is motivated by a simple observation. With ROS, creating a robotic system means developing programs in C++ or Python, making ROS inaccessible to all non-developer experts.

My internship consists in developing a prototype of Ronoco (ROS no-code) allowing to program manipulating robots under MoveIt and rolling robots thanks to Node-RED, an application that allows you to create no-code via a graphic interface.

Currently the first version of Ronoco is available, it allows to control manipulator arms (tested on Poppy Ergo Jr, UR3, KR6 R900). Ronoco connects directly to the ROS ecosystem allowing to control, theoretically, any manipulator arm via a simple configuration file.

To control robots Ronoco relies on the creation of behaviour trees by the user. For the moment 7 control blocks and 6 execution blocks exist, but the project is designed to be able to add more easily. In addition, the GUI currently uses Node-RED but this is interoperable with Scratch for example.

The project is open-source and available here. The full documentation of the project and its more precise description is available here

Feel free to test and tell me what you think !