Visual-ROS: The no-code tool for ROS 2 development

Hey everybody!

We’d like to share with you that last week we launched Visual-ROS, a user-friendly web-based graphical interface that enables developing ROS 2 applications without the need for programming knowledge.

With Visual-ROS you’ll be able to develop ROS 2 applications using a visual interface by simply dragging and dropping custom nodes and connecting them to create application flows.

If you want to know more about how Visual-ROS works and find also a demo video on how to control a robot simulation in Webots with Visual-ROS click here: Visual-ROS: Simplifying ROS 2 Development with a Graphical Interface

Access the Visual-ROS repo and documentation here: GitHub - eProsima/node-red-ros2-plugin


Nice work !
any plans of introducing actions/services to the plugin?
and is it intentional that there is no issues or discussions in the github repo?