ROS 2 J Name Brainstorming

The release date for ROS 2 Iron Irwini is getting closer. As we traditionally announce the name of the following distribution when a new distribution is released, it’s time to begin brainstorming the name for the ROS 2 J-Turtle release.

Here are the existing ROS 2 names and code names.

  • Ardent Apalone - ardent
  • Bouncy Bolson - bouncy
  • Crystal Clemmys - crystal
  • Dashing Diademata - dashing
  • Eloquent Elusor - eloquent
  • Foxy Fitzroy - foxy
  • Galactic Geochelone - galactic
  • Humble Hawksbill - humble
  • Iron Irwini - iron

And here are the ROS 1 names and code names.

  • Boxturtle - boxturtle
  • C Turtle - cturtle
  • Diamondback - diamondback
  • Electric Emys - electric
  • Fuerte - fuerte
  • Groovy Galapagos - groovy
  • Hydro Medusa - hydro
  • Indigo Igloo - indigo
  • Jade Turtle - jade
  • Kinetic Kame - kinetic
  • Lunar Loggerhead - lunar
  • Melodic Morenia - melodic
  • Noetic Ninjemys - noetic

To get your namestorming going, here are some useful lists:

Usually we provide more starting points from websites listing turtle species but our other previous resources do not list turtle species starting with J. Feel free to browse the whole list of common and scientific turtle names and make some suggestions. Please share your suggestions and comments. There are no rules to this process so be creative!

  • Jazzy Jainemys; to continue the musical theme of the to-be-discontinued-in-May Melodic release.
  • Jetting Jainemys; the flying equivalent of Galactic’s zooming-through-space!
  • Jolly Jainemys; a happy, laughing turtle means happy, laughing users.

+1 for Jazzy

Why the double names btw? I’ve only seen ROS distros referred to by eg Kinetic, Foxy. No one ever mentions the Kame or rep. Fitzroy ever again, it seems.

Other J-adjectives:

  • Jocund Jainemys
  • Jurassic Jainemys (Since the Jainemys species is extinct according to Wikipedia, but not sure if they lived in the Jurassic period)
  • Jellied Jainemys (I guess they all are by now :-/. Maybe I’m being Juvenile now though)
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Juvenile Jainemys sounds awesome… we could have a baby turtle on the logo.


would this work? Judithemys | Saurian Wikia | Fandom
[Jocular|Jocose] Judith(emys) sounds like a nice name :smile:

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Juvenile Jainemys sounds good, +1 for this


+1 for Jazzy :saxophone: :notes:

How about these?

Jubilant Jainemys
Jumpy Jainemys
Jovial Jainemys
Jersey Jainemys
Jute Jainemys
Jolted Jainemys
Jargon Jainemys

Another +1 for jazzy Jainemys. Especially because roscon is in new Orleans this year :musical_note: (-:

Jumpy Jainemys
Jinxed Jiangxichelys
Jetting Jeholochelys
Jet-black Jeholochelys

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I found a few names that I like, and I’d like to carefully suggest them.

• ROS2 Jovial Jeholochelys
I tried to express the widened accessibility of ROS2 with the word “jovial.”

• ROS2 Judicious Jainemys
• ROS2 Judicious Jeholochelys
The names using the word “judicious” also seem to be good options.

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ROS 2 Jelly Jam - jelly


Seems like we should have had this 1 year earlier for ROSCon in NOLA!

Jazzy :saxophone:
Jolty :zap: - Get some real Zeus vibes for the turtle logo!!


+1 for jazzy

Jazzy Jasmine
Jazzy Jewels
Jazzy Jawahir (Jawahir is Arabic for jewels, used as a female name)

Here are a couple of suggestions?

Point of order: the Jalisco thing got me thinking, can we use adjectives in a foreign language? A Jalisco mud turtle with a Spanish adjective would be pretty cool. For example, “Jaranero Jalisco” would be an interesting change of pace (translation: Party Turtle from Jalisco). Another good one would be “Juicioso Jalisco”. Any Spanish speakers want to weigh in?

Second point of order: Can robots name robots? (Sorry, t had to be done)


I vote to call the next ROS 2 release “ROS2”.

+1 for Jazzy :saxophone:

For a hint of chaos, I’d also like to propose: Jammy

Juvenile Jalisco
Juvenile Jainemys

There’s jurassic, but all the prehistoric turtle genera are from the Cretaceous :grimacing:

+1 for jovial, joyful, jazzy or jaunty

With judithemys (as suggested by @orensbruli) :

  • jovial judithemys
  • joyful judithemys
  • jazzy judithemys
  • jaunty judithemys

Otherwise, can’t wait for juridic Jainemys :balance_scale:


+1 for
(Jazzy|Jolly|Joyful|Jumpy|Jumbo) (Jainemys|Javanensis)

+1 for Jazzy and Jurassic (even if Jurassic isn’t chronologically accurate, its certainly opens the door for some fun bootlegged artwork… :smiley:

(courtesy of DALL-E and my very limited MS paint skills)


I found this turtle:
Family: Chelidae
Species: Elseya jukesi
Common name: Jukes’ snapping turtle
Location: Australia

As a result, I am leaning towards:
Joyful Jukesi

However, I have been playing with Issac GEMS so how about:
Jeweled Jukesi