ROS 2 K Name Brainstorming

The release date for ROS 2 Jazzy Jalisco is now just one month away. As we traditionally announce the name of the following distribution when a new distribution is released, it’s time to begin namestorming the name for the next release after Jazzy Jalisco.

Following our ancient traditions, the next ROS 2 release name will be an adjective starting with K followed by a turtle-related word or name, also starting with K.

Here are the existing ROS 2 names and code names.

  • Ardent Apalone - ardent
  • Bouncy Bolson - bouncy
  • Crystal Clemmys - crystal
  • Dashing Diademata - dashing
  • Eloquent Elusor - eloquent
  • Foxy Fitzroy - foxy
  • Galactic Geochelone - galactic
  • Humble Hawksbill - humble
  • Iron Irwini - iron
  • Jazzy Jalisco - jazzy

And here are the ROS 1 names and code names.

  • Boxturtle - boxturtle
  • C Turtle - cturtle
  • Diamondback - diamondback
  • Electric Emys - electric
  • Fuerte - fuerte
  • Groovy Galapagos - groovy
  • Hydro Medusa - hydro
  • Indigo Igloo - indigo
  • Jade Turtle - jade
  • Kinetic Kame - kinetic
  • Lunar Loggerhead - lunar
  • Melodic Morenia - melodic
  • Noetic Ninjemys - noetic

To get your namestorming going, here are some useful lists.

For reference, here is the namestorming thread for ROS 1 Kinetic Kame.

Please share your suggestions and comments. There are no rules to this part of the process so be creative!


Kachuga seems like a real winner for the turtle part!


Here’s a few:

Keen Kimberly
Knightly Kemp
Knotty Kinixys

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Knight’s Fury
That’s all i got…
it’s from the movie how to train your dragon.

it 's actually night’s fury but i added additional “K”

One day I ended up eating a kawana turtle - by surprise. It was fine, but I was pissed: the species is endangered and protected. I want that turtle to get their revenge as they were a ninja: Kicking Kawana! (makes me want to shout “cowabunga”)


I have “Kooky Kinixys”

Because I love nothing more than looking at iNaturalist…

In the ROS 2 meeting this morning @claraberendsen pointed out that karumbe is the word for turtle in the Guarani language. There appears to be a cool conservation organization with the name.


Karmic Keanu
Kestral Kenji
Keen Keona

I’ll throw a few names into the pile

And a few more for fun

  • Kinky Kinkonychelys
  • Kafkaesque Kinosternidae ← Not really. No one could ever type that correctly.

First thing that came to mind was “Kawaii!”

Not too many hits on google for “ROS Kawaii”, so might be a good one.


The almighty “Knowable Keratin” would work for me

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In Czech, our word for “Caretta caretta” is “Kareta” :slight_smile: Definitely much more typing-friendly than Kinixys :smiley:

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Kawaii Karumbe is such a good name! :heart: :turtle:

In Hindi, the word for turtle is “kachuwa”, in that spirit, I propose: Kooky Kachuwa

A close second would have been “Killer Kachuwa”, but that sounds more like a Hollywood movie with Jack Black playing the role of a vigilante turtle, a New York zoo resident by day and, crime fighter by night.


Kilted Karoo (just Kidding, but the logo would look amazing)
Keramic Kachuga

Knightly Kobukson

The Kobukson(turtle ship) was a type of warship built in Korea (15th century).


I’ll throw this in:

  • Knobby

As adjective referring to “uneven/rough/with-knobs”
As-is referring to an adopted turtle from a rescue program

Although the K is silent, similar to Knight.

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I think King Kachuga has a good rhythm to it.

  • Karmic Kachuga
  • Kooky Kemp (rarest species of sea turtle apparently).

Although not a real turtle species and it’d likely invoke lawsuits, it’s hard to ignore Koopa