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ROS 2 rolling distribution name brainstorming

Gamera approves!


Timeless Testudo
Recombinant Rubida
Rhythmic Rubida

I am from India and in our Mythology one of the Avatar is Tortoise called ‘Kurma’ Avatar. This is the Wki link on Kurma -
Other references are - and
When the turn of K comes can we have the ROS2 version name as KlassicKurma or KarmicKurma Please Please!! You have done based on popular characters around Tortoise in the world. This time give change to India, we have large number of students studying ROS2 and many companies working on it!

Kurma1|312x500 Kurma2

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Please support for KlassicKurma or KarmicKurma


Please support Name for K Series - KlassicKurma or KarmicKurma


I second (and third) that. Otherwise I already foresee the number of questions and tickets from users that something doesn’t work for them and not being aware that they are using something “unstable”.

If you install ros-rolling-* you (hopefully!) have a more realistic expectation. (Maybe ros-unstable-* would be even better - assuming we use U.)


Another +1 for Rolling Ridley. The “unstable” idea is also nice!

Both rolling distro naming and G-turtle naming threads are unusually converging to a community answer. Glad to see we’re getting more decisive :slight_smile:

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If you install ros-rolling-* you (hopefully!) have a more realistic expectation. (Maybe ros-unstable-* would be even better - assuming we use U .)

The other day I had some ideas, playing with unstable synonyms (some aren’t really a synonym, but they give the same idea):

  • Risky Ridley
  • Rocky Ridley
  • Tottery Terrapin
  • Tottering Terrapin
  • Teetering Trionyx
  • Tightroping Trionyx (this name is too bad :joy:, I imagined a turtle doing a tightrope walk and I liked the idea)

Of all those alternatives, I really liked Rocky Ridley.
I like Rolling Ridley too, but some people might not know what a rolling release is.

A downside of mixing the unstable and rolling concepts is indeed confusion with those Linux distros where all their releases are rolling, even the stable one. From that point of view, Rocky Ridley could be a better choice.

Rabid Ridley? :crazy_face:

rakish, rapid, raspy?




We’ll catch you riding dirty (i.e. when you commit failing CI tests).


Reckless Ridley – sounds unstable to me.

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+1 for Rolling Ridley. Concise and rolls off the tongue.
+1 for using an artist rendering of the picture shared by joespeed.

I’m Japanese so I love Gamera.
But touching copyright is a problem.
It is derived from the turtle that begins with G, and the one I think is
good is “Genbu”「玄武」.
“Genbu” is a spiritual animal or god who protects the gate and
originates from China.(Often drawn with a long-legged turtle wrapped
around a snake)
However, it seems to be called xuánwŭ in Chinese.
The name is used for the north gate of Chinatown in Yokohama.
Genbu protects the north gate and also has the meaning of a compass.
Don’t you think the ROS name is right for you?

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Genbu would be awesome !! :100:

No doubt it would, but the next name (Galactic Geochelone) has already been chosen, so Genbu will have to wait for us to loop around!

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I also support using something like rolling, running or unstable to prevent confusion with stable releases.

Maybe we can also chose an attribute starting with {x,y,z} to have it listed at the end of a sorted list of ROS2 distributions… “xenogeneic” (derived or obtained from an organism of a different species).

For the sake of completion, the new name was chosen to be Rolling Ridley in this post.


Thanks @nkhedekar with the work going into deploying Rolling Ridley I hadn’t yet gotten to reporting back here.

And much thanks to the community for the brainstorming session!

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