ROS Foxy Fitzroy Released

We’re happy to announce the ROS 2 release Foxy Fitzroy!

Foxy Fitzroy is a long-term support (LTS) release, with support for three years. It is also the first ROS 2 release to target Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa). For details on supported platforms and dependency versions, see REP 2000.

To get an idea of what’s in this release, be sure to read the Foxy release page.

Here are some things that are new in this release:

Check out our installation instructions and tutorials and give it a try!

We’re excited to hear about the applications that this release will enable! If you have demonstrations using Foxy from your own work that you can share, feel free to post in this thread.

As always, we invite you to give feedback, report bugs, suggest features, and contribute code!

Refer to this contact page for the best way to give feedback.

We also invite you to release your ROS 2 packages in Foxy. Here’s a tutorial to do so. A huge thanks to all those who’ve already participated in our pre-release testing and packaging effort.

ROS 2 Foxy is also going to be used as the basis for the forthcoming rolling distribution Rolling Ridley. For details on this release you can refer to the rolling distribution plans post.

We would also like to announce the name of the next ROS 2 release scheduled for May 2021:

Galactic Geochelone

Your friendly ROS 2 Team

P.S. There’s still 10 days left on the T-Shirt campaign for Foxy and Noetic!


Very proud of your work, Jacob and team!

Keep on doing the great job that you are doing!

It’s very exciting times and looking forward ROS2 going mainstream :slight_smile:

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The docker images are now available on Docker Hub, more details on this post :whale: :fox_face: :turtle:


“Galactic Geochelone“ Distro Naming done RIGHT!

Great job ROS team!


Yeah I saw that and muttered “Aaron…” to myself.

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@kyrofa shaking his fist at the sky as all the galactic turtles blast off into the sky! :fist: