ROS 2 Security Enclaves with Kubernetes ConfigMap

Hi ROS 2 developers and users,

Do you have problems and burden how to manage the ROS 2 security enclaves with scaled robotics and robot application fleet? Distributing the correct security enclaves to where the application run would be operation cost, including modifying and updating security configuration with hundreds robots or systems.

This burden can be solved in a second with Kubernetes Configuration Map. This tutorial tells how to convert the security enclaves into Configuration Map, and bind the appropriate security enclaves to the ROS 2 application when it starts. This does not matter where the security enclaves are, nor where ROS 2 application starts up. Kubernetes takes care of deployment and configuration map, to start the ROS 2 application with specific configuration map dynamically.

See more details for ROS 2 Security Enclaves with ConfigMap.

If you are interested in managing robot fleet with Kubernetes/KubeEdge, there are still interesting topics, so if you are interested please feel free to reach out to here.