ROS 2 tutorials based on physical robots or Gazebo simulations

Hi guys,

We’ve got something for ROS 2 beginners: a practical introduction to ROS 2 that can be run on one of the three available ROSbots, either on a physical robot or in the simulation.

We did our best to make the tutorials concise and well-structured, so they deliver just the right mixture of knowledge and hands-on practice you need to start programming mobile robots in ROS 2.

Our tutorials will guide you through:
:point_right: a simple introduction to handling nodes, topics and services
:point_right: starting a camera on your ROSbot and creating your first node
:point_right: publishing a new topic and creating a service for saving images from the camera
:point_right: understanding the math basics behind robot kinematics
:point_right: changing the desired velocity of your robot, plotting all your data and building your own RViz2 configuration.

More ROS 2 tutorials on visual recognition, mapping and navigation are coming soon.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions :wink: