Tutorial: ICRA 2023 ROS 2 and new Gazebo Tutorial materials

In case you missed ICRA 2023 London, we (@clalancette and I) on the developers team from Open Robotics at Intrinsic hosted a tutorial on ROS 2 and the new Gazebo. Thank you to the 100+ in-person attendees for coming and participating!

We had hands-on tutorials and breakout group discussions (~10 people per group), separately for ROS 2 Humble and Gazebo Garden. We think it was beneficial for the community. The breakout group discussions also helped us understand who is using the software and for what applications.

All of the materials for the tutorial are available on the tutorial website (GitHub repo):

This includes the Dockerfile to run the environment, links to the Docker Hub image, presentation slides, tutorial slides, and breakout group discussion notes on Google Drive.

Access through the “Quick Links” section.

@Katherine_Scott said I should post the tutorial materials here. Gotta listen to @Katherine_Scott .

If you have any feedback that you haven’t told us at the conference, feel free to let us know.


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